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Welcome to our newest dicipline in the Greater El Paso Football Showcase, Sports Media and Journalism. Senior students are now eligible to participate in the 28th Annual Greater El Paso Football Showcase All-Star game and events. Simply visit the student invitations tab on the main menu bar and accept your invitation and download your accpetance letter. 

The Greater El Paso Football Showcase invites all senior sports media/journalism students to participate in the Greater El Paso Football Showcase All Star Game on Saturday, December 21, 2019 in the beautiful Sun Bowl Stadium. 

Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019             All Star Player Draft, 3:00 PM Eastwood Gym

Saturday, Dec 7th Mentor Day Sunbowl

Saturday, Dec14th Media Day/QB Challenge

Friday, Dec 20th Combine at the SAC

Saturday, Dec 21st Game at the Sunbowl
Please feel free to bring camera’s to document the draft to use for your portfolio.

Seniors that accept their invitation will be able to attend a meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 2, 2019 at EPCC ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING A 9050 Viscount Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925. Please note that ONLY SENIORS need to attend.  Parents are recommended to attend. 

Please contact Andra Litton at 512-299-0515 or www.915showcase.com.

 The purpose of the meeting is the following:

  • Meet with Sports Media coordinator to receive information for events. 
  • Take Sports Media group picture for the All Star Game Program.
  • Receive your complimentary “All Star” T Shirt.

As a senior All Star participant you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship.  Applications should be submitted to Mrs. Monica Bustillos at Ysleta ISD, 9600 Sims, 79925 by noon, January 31, 2020 if you wish to be considered for scholarship. Participation in game may count toward your community service hours for graduation.