Jr. All-Star Mentor Program

December 3, 2022

Helping kids make an impact on each other’s lives for a brighter future.

Purpose Of Our Mentor Program for Jr. All-Stars

The objective of the mentor program is twofold, (1) the senior all star will serve as a role model and provide guidance, leadership, and share all star experience with the junior all star, (2) allow junior all star to have a mentor/role model, set goals and plan to achieve goals, and experience a day with senior all star football player.


  • Junior All-Stars will be selected by middle school administrators. Junior All-Star can be an aspiring athlete to become an All-Star, at-risk student needing mentoring, or special situation of a student that can benefit from the program.
  • El Paso, Ysleta, Socorro, Clint, Canutillo, San Elizario, Fabens, Tornillo ISD, and private schools participate in the program. School districts will have school buses/vans with a designated pick-up and drop-off site (TBA) with times that junior all-star may use if transportation is needed to go the Sun Bowl.

Leadership, Mentorship, & A Stronger Future

Agenda for Saturday, December 3rd – 9 AM – 5 PM @ BEL AIR HIGH SCHOOL:  Buses will pick up Junior All-Stars at designated locations @ 8:15 AM (School officials will inform Junior All-Star/parents pick up location.)

9:00 AM

Arrive (Bel air high school gymnasium)

9:15 AM

Junior All Stars pick up T-Shirts and line up inside the south tunnel (side under the jumbo screen).

9:20 AM

1. Roll Call.  Juniors will be announced through the PA system.

2. Senior All-Stars will meet junior all-stars on Sun Bowl field.

3. An individual picture will be taken with Senior All-Star & Junior All-Star.

4. Senior All-Star and junior all-star will stay on the field until all junior all-stars are introduced.  Junior All Stars and Senior All-Stars will proceed to Larry Durham Center.

10:00 AM

Presentation by a guest speaker, CHARLIE GARCIA – BEL AIR high school PRINCIPAL AND FORMER ALL STAR. Topics: Peer Pressure, Making Choices, Leadership, Goal Setting.

11:00 AM

Ed Stansbury former NFL player and former El Paso All-Stars speak.

12:00 PM

Pizza drinks.

1:00 PM

Team building activities – MONICA & CHRIS BUSTILLOS

2:45 PM

dave & Buster’s

5:00 PM

Load buses at dave & Buster’s  and head back to schools with Junior All Stars

Agenda for Saturday, December 17ST – All-Star Game @ the SAC – SOCORRO ATHLETIC CENTER:

12:15   Junior All-Stars will arrive at South Gate of Sun Bowl to be announced and run across the field.

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