Objective: Provide scholarship opportunities for El Paso senior high school football players in the greater El Paso area to receive higher education by playing football.

Background:  The Greater El Paso Football Showcase Combine has been in existence since Dec. 2011.  This will be the 10th consecutive year of the combine.

Over the past nine years the combine has awarded over

$16 Million worth of scholarships to over 230 El Paso students.

When:                          Friday, December 16, 2022

Where:                         SAC


Focus:  With El Paso not being in a metropolitan area, it is difficult for many colleges to recruit El Paso.   The combine focuses on Division I, II, and NAIA colleges to visit El Paso students that were not recruited by Division I colleges.

Colleges:  There are 23 colleges registered to attend this year’s combine.  The colleges range from throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Kansas, Arizona, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana.   These college’s attend with intend to offer scholarships immediately to the El Paso athletes.  Scholarships range from athletic, academic, or financial need base.

Attendees: Eligibility requirements for participants are: Must be a graduating high school senior for class of 2023.

  • Due to COVID-19 the following are optional this year:
    • SAT math/verbal
    • ACT
    • Upper half of graduation class
    • GPA of 2.2 or above

Cost: Free to all eligible participants

Staff:  All Greater El Paso Football Showcase committee members, coaches, and administration are volunteers without pay.  All expenses are covered by sponsorship donations.

ContactCoordinator:  Brian Flores brian@gepfs.org – 915-920-2097